Tasker Live Assemblies

Your address for all customised audio, video, power and data cables, as well as stage boxes and patch fields.
All your products are manufactured at our own workshop, with an eye for detail and quality.

With all quality brands under one roof, we are able to offer you a very extensive range.
As an importer of brands such as Tasker®Cables, Techflex® Heat shrink and sleeving solutions, Syntax® Connectors, Neutrik® Connectors and many more, we are able to guarantee excellent service and quality.

Import / distribution and sales of:

Our production department, “the cable studio”, is involved with the manufacture of a wide selection of products ranging from XLR cables to customised complicated multi-cable systems. The entire process takes place in our own workshop, allowing us to work in a highly efficient and flexible way.


We do not only use products of the highest quality, we also have the required “know-how”.
Years of experience in the studio and live touring industry, enable us to offer you fully customised solutions.
Some of the possibilities:
  • Multi-cable touring systems provided with Syntax® LK, Harting, Socapex, etc., available in any required length
  • Stage sub-snakes with the ability to split to XLR, Syntax® LK, Socapex, Harting, etc.
  • Stage boxes in any required configuration, provided with several multi-pin outs, direct outs or with transformer split
  • XLR microphone cables in any required length
  • Jack signal cables in any required length
  • Speakon, Ca-Com, EP or Syntax® SSX 19p loudspeaker cables and breakouts in any required version
  • Bantam, Jack, XLR or data patch bays
  • Sub-D cables
  • Adapters for Pro Tools from Yamaha to Tascam standard
  • TDIF cables, splitters and TDIF Y cables in any required length
  • Video cables such as BNC and HD-SDI in any required length
  • Glass fibre cables for mobile applications
  • Digital AES/EBU-DMX cables
  • Guitar cables in various versions
  • HD video camera, SMPTE/ARIB in any required length
  • And much more!
The range of Tasker Live® below can be ordered directly on line. You can choose between different fixed lengths. All products are available from stock. We deliver within 3 to 7 business days.